The INSPIRE ACTION framework was developed to assist those responsible for administrative oversight of local early childhood special education programs to identify and celebrate strong program components and to identify those program components most in need of improvement. The development was sparked by recognition that many local program leaders (e.g., Directors of Special Education, elementary principals, some special education coordinators) have limited knowledge of early childhood special education and are unable to consistently determine the presence or absence of ECSE program quality.



As you look at the resources and tools provided here, consider:

  • What is the main focus and purpose of each resource?
  • How does this information align with what you currently know and do in your work with young children and families?
  • How will you integrate this information into your work?
  • How might you share or apply this information in working with: Children? Families? Colleagues?


Readiness Resources: Deepen Knowledge and Prepare to Implement

ECTA training package - Developing High-Quality, Functional IFSP Outcomes and IEP Goals
This training package helps early intervention and early childhood special education providers understand the connection between writing functional assessment, writing IFSP outcomes and goal statements that are meaningful for families, and measuring child outcomes. Participants using these materials will understand the relationships among assessment, identifying goals, and implementing the strategies used to achieve positive outcomes.

MN CoE Online Modules: Understanding Age Expectations – Birth to 3 & 3-5
These modules have been created to support practitioners in applying typical development expectations over functional outcomes as they go through the COSF process. The modules may be used for self-study, and additional materials are designed with team trainings in mind.

Head Start Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center - Highly Individualized Teaching and Learning
This series of 15-minute covers various aspects of curriculum modifications and embedded learning.


PDF-Guided Resources and Support

Please contact your regional PDF if you have investigated all resources provided here, but continue to have questions or concerns related to this core component of INSPIRE ACTION.

If you have an additional resource that supports professional development in this core component, please share it with your regional PDF. Your participation in this site's continued growth is encouraged and welcome!


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